“I feel like a bookend”

So I was going through my notes today in order to make revision notes, and I found scrawled on the back of some of my notes “I feel like a bookend”.

Its my handwriting, so I know it was me that wrote it, plus it sounds like something I would write. But I have no idea what I meant.

Did I mean I felt like I was trying to keep everything up?
Or did I mean I am like the necessary but boring addition to a shelf?

I have literally no idea why I scrawled it on the back of my notes, or what I even meant.

Strangely enough, these were notes from a module in the first term, probably coming up to Christmas….and I don’t remember feeling like a ‘bookend’ at any point in that term. I even checked my diary and my blog posts from around the same time (don’t you dare tell me I’m procrastinating!) and found nothing even vaguely bookendy about how I stated I was feeling at that time.

Most odd


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