#14 Dear elephants

Right, so I was browsing around for ideas for challenge blogs, because I think its time we all faced the fact that I have been failing miserably on writing them recently. Anyway, the idea I have had is to do a kind of mini-series within the challenges, in which I will write letters to different people/things. I found the idea of letter writing interesting, even if they won’t/can’t be sent and will only be posted on here for you lovely people to read.

So I thought I should start on a light hearted note considering the depressing nature of my previous post (if any of you care – I have been feeling distinctly better the past couple of days). So, as the title states, this is a letter to elephants. (Kooky I know).

Dear Elephants,
I hope you realise you are my all-time, hand’s down favourite animal. And I’m not just saying that because you could come on over here and stomp on me. I just want you all to know that you’re great. Do you care that your kinda fat and wobbly  looking? No! You just plod on (literally) with your lives. Way to go. I also love the fact that the girl elephants (I know technically you’re called cows, but that seems a bit demeaning) and babies all go round in a herd together. It seems like a great arrangement, all pitching in with childcare and following what I always imagine to be a strict-but-fair matriarch. It also for some reason always reminds me of the ‘here come the girls’ song that boots utilise so well for their TV ads:

On the sadder side of this family orientated thing you’ve got going, I love the fact that you mourn your deceased, and even return to the sites where they died for years and in some cases decades to come.  You are so emotionally intelligent it is almost human-like. And lets face it, you’re not just emotionally intelligent, but can learn hundreds of commands in order to help humans in different tasks. And some of you can paint!

So I love you dear elephants, I love your gently nature, and your knowing eyes. I love your wrinky skin and your flappy ears. I love how smart you are, and if i could choose, I would want to be one of you.

Plus your offspring are hilarious….

All my love



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