Very Inspiring Blog Award


So once again someone has made me all warm and fuzzy inside by bestowing on me an award, this time the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award’. To be classed as inspiring really does make me chuffed, because I don’t feel I have done anything inspiration worthy, which makes it all the better! Many thanks then to the blogger who bestowed the honor upon me (apologies for the language: this time I have been watching the first season of Game of Thrones): Absolute Frankness.

For this award I am required to state 7 things about myself, before making my own nominations, so here goes:

  1. I have recently started knitting because I feel like I need a project, and will hopefully manage to make an entire blanket (more on this in later posts)
  2. On a related note, I realised the other day that I should either have been born 300 years ago, or be an 80 year-old woman as my hobbies include reading, baking, gardening, and sewing/knitting
  3. I am one of those people in life who are just naturally untidy. My room is always clean  but clutter just seems to happen 
  4. The thought of turning 21 is already depressing me, and its more than 6 months away
  5. People slamming around when they are angry really annoys me, say something or get over it
  6. Loud people really annoy me – you know they type whose default talking volume is just loud and it makes you want to scream ‘I can hear you!’
  7. I love the moon, its so darn pretty

Will have to wait until later I’m afraid, I have a critical review to be writing, but they should be up sometime during the weekend, so watch this space.

Until next time, x


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