Travelling Troubles Revisited

So this week I was lucky and my Friday lecture got moved, giving me Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off. With five days off then, I figured it would be a good time to go home. I haven’t actually been  home in term time before (not bad for someone half-way through university, huh?!) and so it was all a bit confusing.

I had to get the bus to Coventry which went splendidly. Though walking to the bus stop through campus was a little embarrassing – I don’t know what it is about suitcases, but unless you are at an airport or train station, they are embarrassing! Also with me being me, I was worried that if the bus I caught which would get me there 15 minutes early might be late etc. so I got the earlier bus, and arrived at the station a good 40 minutes early. But it meant I had plenty of time to collect my tickets – try and figure them out – and then find a bench and read my book.

The train from Coventry to Euston was a virgin train, which was really posh! Never have I ever been on such a posh train. A woman came round with a bin, and a man offering food and drinks, which reminded me of this:

Though sadly I wasn’t in a compartment, heading towards my exciting magical future, with a ginger boy and a disappointing sandwich. But then I suppose you can’t have everything in life. Seeing as I had booked my ticket already, I also had a reserved seat, and wished I didn’t, because I had to find coach D (I was worried the train would move off) and then find my correct sear – far too stressful for me! Plus with it being a posh train, my ticket was checked by a grumpy man, whereas at home my ticket is never checked.

Anyway, when I got into Euston I had a look around because I have to go through there on the way back. Then I walked to Euston square station (for the tube), which luckily is still really well signposted from the Olympics, so I only had to follow the big pink signs. I then got the circle line, which took a while, but was fine, except the suitcase and the tube stairs aren’t the best combination. Then from Liverpool street to home was fine – I’m used to that part of the journey so I was relaxed by that time – no ticket checking!

So really I didn’t have any travelling troubles really, but all in all it is a very stressful business! I am hoping the way back will be as smooth – I’m more worried in case I miss the posh train which will be second, because they’re the ticket checkers. Is it best if you miss your train to get the next one and pray nobody checks your ticket, and risk a fine if they do; or pay for a new ticket, avoid a fine, and be an honest and upstanding member of society? Hard to say really :p

Let me know about any recent travel troubles you have had, and until then, stay safe. x


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