That Resolution Post

So following my end-of-year post, I thought what better than an equally cliche resolutions post?! A lot of people moan about new years resolutions, saying that people never stick to them; they’re a pointless tradition; new years is no different to any other day.

I disagree. I tend to stick with mine, but people come up with unrealistic and drastic changes to their lives, and expect to be able to stick with it. And some people manage, don’t get me wrong. But it takes a lot of will power for sudden changes, start slow! The other main criticism of saying that new years is no different: yes it is! Fine there is nothing actually different, but we have to mark the passage of time somehow! Making resolutions to better yourself can never be a bad thing, at any time of year.

Now saying that I tend to stick with my resolutions, its probably because  I make more than one a year. Last years resolutions were:

  • Keep a diary for the year with regular entries. Check.
  • Eat one piece of fruit or vegetable a day. Fail. Managed for about a month. Sadly it fell into disarray. 
  • Take better care of my teeth. Semi-fail. Managed it most of the time, but when I’m drunk I always forget t brush my teeth. Disgusting I know.

So this year I decided to bring back my failed resolution of a piece of fruit/vegetable a day, which I hope will be more successful due to my new soup plan (more on that later) as well as continuing my diary keeping up.

Let me know if you have any exciting resolutions for this year in the comments, or, if they’re not your thing, why?


2 thoughts on “That Resolution Post

  1. Eating vegetables is one of mine too! So is drinking less (I also never brush my teeth after a night out. Ugh) and exercising. So too is making more creative new year resolutions for next year… mine are so boring I hope I’ll have them sorted by the time 2014 gets here! (Even thinking about 2014 is creeping me out though. One year at a time!)

    • I think resolutions will always be a little bit boring because they are the things you lack motivation to do, so I wouldn’t worry about it! Good luck sticking to them!

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