#11 If I were an animal

So this is really a classic question: if you had to be an animal, which would you like to be?

I have  heard some really quite interesting answers in my time, with the most common seeming to be domestic pets: cats and dogs. I guess that’s to be expected as we know these animals lives well and they seem relatively simple.

Other people go the other way and pick an interesting and exotic animal like a lion or tiger, and once someone even came out with an armadillo!

I always wonder whether people’s choices in part reflect their personality, similar to the way in which the shape daemons take in ‘His dark materials’ in some way reflects the personalities of the characters; or in a similar analogy, the shape patronuses take in ‘Harry Potter’.

Personally, I would choose to be an elephant. People always give me strange looks when I say that: why would you want to be an elephant? Well friends, I will tell you! Firstly elephants are social creatures, or at least girl elephants are. They move about in families with a matriarch as the leader. How many animals (bugs aside) have a female as the leader I ask you? Hardly any! Secondly, elephants are very intelligent and emotive animals, which appeals to me. Thirdly, they are gentle creatures the majority of the time, yet you wouldn’t want to mess with one. Finally, being an elephant would mean I would get to live in India or Africa where its warm, and I do love being warm!

Let me know in the comments below which animal you would like to be and why, and also whether you think in some way your choice reflects your personality to some extent. Finally, an apology for not posting as often as normal, but the broken keys are infuriating! I should be getting a new laptop soon though, so I will be back with you soon! Until next time x


5 thoughts on “#11 If I were an animal

  1. a leopard…solitary, independent, doesn’t venture out very much unless absolutely necessary, will mess you back ten fold if you don’t leave him be…..love them. Yeah, if I were an animal that would be it. And the choice does reflect my personality.

      • hordes of elephants out here and yes, quite the family oriented animals. They’re revered as Gods even in this part of the world. Well, the only difference between me and that there leopard would be the smarts 😉 reading your other posts..now.

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