Technology troubles

I intended to post all about the Christmas dinner we had and our Secret Santa…unfortunately its going to have to wait until probably at least on Monday, and this is why….

I am an idiot.

I spilt a flood of squash onto my laptop keyboard, and then had to go to a lecture. Its safe to say the laptop wasn’t pleased.

I came home and immediately took all the keys off, before covering the keyboard part with rice and putting it in the airing cupboard for 24 hours:

IMG_1800 IMG_1801

Sadly, in my second idiotic moment of the day, I forgot to photograph the keyboard before ripping all my keys off, resulting in a puzzle situation this afternoon.


Sadly the rice also didn’t seem to be a miracle. The m key no longer works, and the h is is gammy (in order to type I am using a combination of laptop keyboard and on screen keyboard.) My v key is also acting up, just typing on its own. But maybe without the rice all the keys would be gone, so I’m glad I did it.

And strangely, there are lots of positives to this accident:

  1. Only 3 of the keys are broken, it could have been far worse
  2. It is the end of term and all my work has been handed in, so I don’t have to struggle trying to write an essay or something with the gammy keys
  3. There should be a simple solution – I think if I just plug in an external keyboard then it will be fine. We’ll see. If not it is nearly Christmas, so I could either ask for money and delve into my savings to get a new laptop, or get a cheap second hand one.
  4. It was my laptop, my squash, and my clumsy foot. If someone else had kicked over the glass, or left it on the floor, I might have been a bit peeved about the whole thing. Equally had it been someone else’s laptop I had ruined, I would have felt unbelievably guilty.
  5. My friends reactions – they couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t crying about the whole thing. But these things happen, its not the end of the world, and lets face it, there is no point crying over spilt squash!

Let me know if you have ever done something equally stupid: I know putting the phone in the wash is a very common one! Otherwise, I promise once the keyboard sitch is sorted out/once I am home and can use a different computer I will post about Christmas dinner and Secret Santa. Until then folks!


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