Liebster Award Take 2

So I actually wrote this post out earlier today, but when I published it, only the title showed up. I was NOT impressed! Putting that bitter memory aside though, I have been nominated for the Liebster award again, this time by Runes and Rhinestones, whose blog you should check out if you have time, and want to discover a gem ūüôā

I considered just adding more stuff to my first blog about this award, but seeing as my instructions for this one are different, I thought it would be easier to just write a new post. Plus it promises to be quite a long post, and I didn’t want post 1 to become too bulky and scare you all away!

So this time around I have to say 11 facts about myself, answer 11 questions set by my lovely nominator, then select 11 other people to pass this award onto. So here goes, 11 facts about myself:

  1. I hate potato in all its forms
  2. For that matter, I dislike nearly every vegetable. Totally a fruit girl
  3. My feet are tiny – size 3!
  4. Most of me is tiny, I’m a pathetic 5″1 – I’m often mistaken for a 14 year old
  5. My mother’s family is from India, meaning if you waste food, a grudge will be held for weeks
  6. I’m afraid of spiders. Like, stupidly afraid. I can’t even kill the buggers.
  7. I take so many pairs of socks to university, I only have to wash them every month.
  8. I love the smell of paint
  9. If I had been a boy, I would have been named Simon. Apparently my parents would have hated me.
  10. I’m right handed, but I snowboard goofy
  11. I love bags/purses/coats with loads of pockets, so I can put stuff in them and then never find it again.

Now to answer the questions set for me:

  1. What is one word you can never remember how to spell? I have two words nemeses: definitely and probably. (Both just had to be spell-checked).
  2. If you could learn one language without the hard work, what would it be? Spanish. This one took a lot of thought. At first I was torn between Italian and Spanish, simply because I think both are sexy. Then I settled on Spanish, as I think I would use it more. I would much rather have the ability to do accents though than a language!
  3. ¬†¬†If you could travel anywhere, right now and with no expense, where would you go?¬†Australia, simply because it would be¬†guaranteed¬†to be hot, and I’m bladdy freezing!
  4. What is one thing you regret?¬†Not making enough effort to stay friends with people from school after GCSE’s and A-levels
  5. What is your favourite book?¬†‘Dance of Dragons’ by George R.R. Martin. (The last book in the ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ series)
  6. Tell me about one of your favourite memories.¬†When me and my little sister were younger, my Mum took us on a Lapland experience day¬†where we flew to Lapland and did lots of Christmassy things. One of the things you did was find and meet Santa. When we got there the Santa had in his hand a letter my little sister had written him when she was in school. The look on her face is one of my favourite memories ever. Still to this day, I don’t know how he a) got that letter and b) had it for when we turned up – there were children coming and going constantly. My conclusion is that Santa MUST be real.
  7. Would you consider yourself a feminist. If not, why not?¬†Yes, I would. I think women should have¬†choice¬†to have a career if they want to, with the same opportunities and wages offered to them as a man. But equally I think people take feminism too far, and assume it means women have to go against traditional stereotypes. I think if women want to just get married, have children, and have their husband provide for them, that’s fine too. Doesn’t sound like a¬†bad¬†life.
  8. Where would you like to be in 10 years time? I actually did a whole post on this, and concluded I would like to have a job I am happy in, and either be married or know that I will get married at soon.
  9. Do you have a weird habit/hobby Рapparently my habit of putting conkers in the corner of rooms is not quite normal. But there is an old wives tale which says they keep away spiders, so conkers there will always be.
  10. What is your favourite sense and why? Taste, because life would be horrible without it.
  11. What’s one thing that grosses you out more than anything else?¬†Eyes. People touching eyes. Things near eyes. The thought of eye operations.

I would now nominate other people for the award, but it was too hard the first time! I think what I shall do is nominate people as I come across them, and paste their names and questions below.


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