Liebster blog award nomination

So this is now the second award I have received in the past couple of weeks, and it makes me feel very special 😀 I was nominated by ‘A hopeful medic’ , who like me writes about university and the like on his blog. Thank you very much for the nomination. With this reward, much like the last one I received, I have to answer 5 set questions, before passing it on to someone else, so here goes:

1. What was your favourite birthday and why

I’m not entirely sure, I have never enjoyed my birthdays that much, as I loathe being the center of attention, so they have all merged into one in my head. One which particularly stands out however is when I was 10, because I got a big badge, and a big cuddly dog which I adored.

2. What is your ideal place to live?

Having only lived in one place my whole life, I would say my hometown. If that was unavailable though, I would probably go for New Zealand because it is so beautiful.

3. If you were stranded on a desert island, what luxury item would you take?

Tricky. I’m torn between being witty (but not very) and giving an answer like a boat, or a lighter, and being honest. If I take the question as intended, then probably a book…I don’t want to be bored on the Island!

4. What is your favourite season?

Summer by a mile. Summer is the best – its hot, the exams are always over, you can just lie around reading and tanning and eating barbecue food (with ice lollies as ‘snacks’).

5. Why do you blog

Because I enjoy writing, and for the happiness it brings me when I see I have a like or a comment on something I have written.

So now I have to nominate other people for the same award. Sadly most of the people I follow have 200 or more followers (the criteria for the award), however I did manage to find one person very deserving of the award who has not ‘Serendipities of a student’  is another student blog, so please check her out. Also ‘From Oxford with love’, though I couldn’t find how many followers she had :/ I think I will leave the five questions as the same ones I gave, with the exception of ‘why do you blog’ being changed to ‘what is your favourite book’.


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