Karma?…Maybe not

It’s been another fairly slow couple of weeks here at university, with nothing major going on. Over the past couple of days though I seem to have had terrible luck…though on a very small scale.

I was in Tesco’s yesterday doing one of those annoying shops where you have run out of little things (conditioner, washing up liquid etc.) and you resent going because you don’t seem to get anything for your money (i.e. beans). So there I was in the laundry detergent aisle. Literally, it’s an aisle all on its own. I never knew there were so many brands dedicated to keeping our clothes clean. And our colors bright. And removing stains. And being kind to the environment. Scouring the shelves they all seemed to offer something different and superior, all accompanied of course with pictures of flowers or clouds, and words like ‘summer fresh’ or ‘spring breeze’. Then of course was the type of detergent I wanted. Did I want tablets? Capsules? Gel? Liquid?

I was baffled. I just wanted something I could use on everything and get clean clothes as a result. Preferably under £2. Eventually I managed to locate something. £1.50, Tesco’s own gel. Relieved I bent down to pick it up. Sadly it was on of the new fancy bottles, with the caps which come off really easily because you are supposed to fill them with the gel and then just stick it in with your clothes.

The cap came off as I was lifting it from the shelf, and the bottle fell to the floor, where it split and sent gel on the floor and partly up my leg.

Oh crap.

I bent down to pick it up, trying to remedy the situation. But then my hands were covered in gel, and for the life of me I couldn’t get a grip on the stupid thing. So I decided to leave it, and (after a lot of struggling, and casually wiping my hands on my jacket pretending I had done nothing out of the ordinary), proceeded to grapple with a new bottle and get it into my basket.

Then the whole way round the shop I had a moral dilemma. What  are you meant to do when something like that happens? Should I leave it and pretend it didn’t happen? Should I fess up and offer to pay for it?

Had it been a smaller shop, I would have done the latter. But with it being Tesco’s, I wasn’t sure what to do. So I left it. Tesco’s is rich enough not to miss one bottle of cheap laundry detergent right? And its not like I stole it, it was an accident! That didn’t stop my palms becoming very sweaty when walking past the security guy when leaving, making keeping a grip on my carrier bags even harder as my hand sweat was now mixing with the laundry gel.

Anyway, I had brought the old lady down our street a magazine while in the shop, as she comes round knocking sometimes and asking for any old magazines. (As I don’t actually read magazines, but feel bad turning her away, I have taken to buying her one when I go shopping). So I figured that my good deed might have cancelled out my guilty detergent deed, re-balancing my karma.

Apparently I was wrong.

There I was today, walking along back home from University beneath the trees, wondering what to have for my dinner. The trees have now dropped all their leaves, and they were wet underfoot due to the rain. I was also wearing my old boots, as my new ones let in water. Sadly, my old faithful’s have no grip.

It was one of those moments when you feel yourself going. You know you are going to fall. And fall I did.

Luckily I didn’t go down on my arse, nor did I hurt myself. Plus there weren’t many other people around, just a nice couple of girls who had been walking behind me who asked if I was alright.  Surprisingly I wasn’t actually very embarrassed at all…maybe because nobody laughed! It did make me think though that perhaps I should spend less time imagining the contents of my fridge and more time looking where I’m going.

So all in all, an unlucky couple of days. Maybe I fell as a punishment for the laundry detergent. Maybe the universe was bored and wanted entertaining. Or maybe there is a God and he was mildly annoyed at my post the other day concerning religion. Or maybe it was just luck, and I should stop trying to find meaning and purpose in everything.

I just hope that what my Nana says isn’t true…that everything happens in threes. If that’s the case, I think I should stay in bed tommorow!

Let me know if these little unlucky things happen to you too. Also let me know what you think I should have done in Tesco’s – would you have done the same?


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