Interview anarchy and travelling troubles

So although I said this is going to be a uni only blog, and not a diary, I really want to talk about my job interview today. So I have justified it by the fact that it does have a bearing on University, as it will be a job for when I am home in the holidays.

 I struggled a little in the holidays last year money-wise. The student loans company only gives you a loan for the times you are actually in university. Much of this goes towards paying your accommodation fees, and (depending on your loan amount and your accommodation fees), you are left with enough (or should be) to live on during term time. Obviously this isn’t the case with some people, my friend Brandon had to take out a hefty overdraft, so now owes the bank money as well as the loans company. It also isn’t helpful when you are at home and can’t get a job because nobody wants to hire a student who will be leaving again in 3 months.

 The job I was interviewed for today however has work on an on/off basis, meaning I would be able to call them to say I’m home, and if they have anything I will be able to do it. Anyway, I only went for an interview today, so I don’t know if I got it, but I really hope I did as it would be ideal. And although the actual interview went very well, the morning sadly did NOT.

If you remember in one of my previous blogs when I said that lots of little bad things happening in a day sometimes are as bad as one big thing going wrong– this was one of those days.

First off, I left the house 10 minutes earlier than the bus is supposed to arrive in case it was early. The bus stop is literally across the road from my house, so I didn’t think this was unreasonable. Apparently I was wrong. The bus was 11 minutes early, and casually drove past me as I was shutting the front door.

As you may also remember, I live in a very small town. This means the buses to the nearest large town come every half hour. However some quick phone googling informed me I could take a different bus if I walked into our town (20 minute walk) to catch it. So I set off in the pouring rain into town. Then had to stand and wait at the bus stop for 45 minutes. The alternative bus never showed. Turned out it was a demand responsive bus, and obviously there wasn’t enough demand. Now in the time I waited, bus A which I originally missed should have come again. That hadn’t showed at all. And then finally, as is always the case, three buses all heading into the Big Town came at once. I was not amused. Indeed, I would go as far to say I was disgruntled.

So there I was, trundling along the roads into the Big Town, annoyed and damp. Lovely. And as luck has it, I had a ‘friendly’ bus driver. Normally I don’t mind this, and it even makes me smile sometimes. But not when I’m late. He chatted to all the old ladies as they got on the bus, then stopped the bus to check that his bell was ringing correctly. Finally he stopped another 2 times to wipe the fog off the side of his windscreen with a tissue. I wanted to scream at him. Or better, do this:

Livid as I now was, I wasn’t paying much attention to stops, and as a creature of habit, got off at town, rather than the bus station. I only noticed this when I was standing to cross a road, walking on auto-pilot into the town. I actually groaned aloud, causing the woman also standing at the crossing to edge away from me slightly. Woops.

So then it took me a further 15 minutes to walk to the bus station and find the correct stand for my next bus to the place of my interview. That actually went without a hitch, and I only had minimal difficulty finding the building of my interview once I was there.

After that the day went well. I ended up being 15 minutes late for the interview, but explained to them that it was trouble with the buses. They were very nice about it, but I don’t think it set a very good impression. Anyway, after all that, when I went into town on my way back I brought myself a celebratory hot chocolate and went make-up shopping to cheer myself up, before heading home.

All I can say is its lucky my original plan would have gotten me there half an hour early, because I certainly needed the extra time!

What is your worst travelling experience? Have you ever had a really bad interview experience? Let me know in the comments, and see you next time folks!
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6 thoughts on “Interview anarchy and travelling troubles

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  4. Last year I was half an hour late for an interview, because the place was in an obscure place that google maps didn’t seem to know about. I still managed to get the job. As you seemed to be genuinely apologetic they probably will overlook it. I hope you get the job!

  5. Sounds like a really fun day! Hope it turns out well!
    Don’t know about worst travelling experience, but my funniest has to be when a mate decided to go skinny dipping in the sea in Cambodia, only to see a local driving away down the beach with his clothes and wallet in hand! We then rocks back up to the club in nothing but his wet, revealing boxers!

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